Fresh Oysters, Seafood, Meat & Cheese for Sale Online!

Fresh from the Chesapeake Bay & our oyster farm at Anderson's Neck Oyster Company to your door. If you want multiple items, use on of our Bundle and Save Boxes to add multiple items to one box and save up to 60% on shipping. Plus you get an additional 5-30% discount on everything you buy depending on which Bundle & Save Box you choose!

5% Bundle & Save Box (3-15 Items)

(34 customer reviews)


Use our Bundle & Save Box when you order to have all your items shipped in one box for up to 60% savings on Shipping, Plus an Extra 5% Off! Trust us on this, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on shipping by using our Bundle & Save Box rather than adding individual items to your shopping cart! Order a minimum of 3 items, and a maximum of 15, and we will ship it out to you.

Question: How much is shipping?

Our website will calculate shipping costs for your order. Shipping costs vary based upon what you are ordering and the day of the week you want the package delivered. Simply add the item you want to your cart and go to the shopping cart page where there is a delivery date calendar. The calendar will list the shipping price for each available delivery date separately. Select any available date you’d like to have your items arrive.*

Question: I’d like to order now, but can I have my items arrive at a later date?

Yes, there is a delivery date calendar on our shopping cart page. Select any available date you’d like to have your items arrive! That means you can order now, but have your items arrive at a future date you select.*

Question: How should I store my shellfish?

Our shellfishs are fresh from the bay and, if properly stored, will last up to 10 days. However, the sooner you eat your shellfish, the better they will be. Once you receive your shellfish, refrigerate immediately.

*Please note, when you select a desired delivery date, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to ship your package for an earlier arrival date. Shipping packages to arrive on a precise delivery date when using third party shippers such as FedEx/UPS is an extremely difficult task over which we have very little control, especially given weather delays, and periods of high volume. We regularly monitor weather patterns, volume levels, and UPS/FedEx exception frequency. Given our best judgment, we may choose to ship your package early in order to lessen the chances that your package will arrive after your desired delivery date. If a package arrives at a different date than your desired delivery date, we will have no obligation for a full or partial refund of any kind.

Please note, any orders that include more than 15 items in the mix and match box will be cancelled.

34 reviews for 5% Bundle & Save Box (3-15 Items)

  1. Michael

    Love that we can order virtually everything in one box for massive savings. We literally saved $100+ by using this Bundle & Save Box to ship a bulk order of fresh seafood (and other food) for our family.

  2. Christopher

    We ordered shrimp, oysters, crab, lobster, halibut, sea bass, she crab soup and pimento cheese all in one box for massive savings, since you only pay for shipping one box (rather than everything shipped separately) and with an extra 5% discount. This is the only way to go if you are ordering a bunch of different items at once!

  3. Edward f.danielski,jr

    Great idea

  4. Eywright

    Every thing you need in one place for sea food party and unbelievable price

  5. Rachel Lucas

    Good prices

  6. Kathy hauschild

    Ok prices

  7. Gwendolyn Mikell

    Great selection of items.

  8. Latasha Williams

    Great experience

  9. Latasha Williams

    Great deal

  10. Latasha Williams


  11. Sabrina Burnshartsfield

    I am a first time shopper but grat selections and prices aren’t too bad either. Very convenient service. Being disabled and the love of seafood brought Me to this site
    I pray I am pleased with my purchase.

  12. LeQuita


  13. Jammie Childs

    Great seafood

  14. Laurie Frye


  15. Laurie Frye


  16. Angel Willis

    Food looks good and reasonably priced.

  17. Kimberly J Herring

    Great variety of seafood items

  18. Charnell Brice

    Never had crabs shipped want to really try this method!!

  19. Shawntae Williams

    Thumbs up

  20. Katherine Jones

    Great Selection of products

  21. Katherine Jones

    The company item choices looks great ??

  22. Emelen Lago

    trying out this blue crab


    Available on demand

  24. Christine Canfield

    Sounds great! Yay for bundle and save!

  25. Christine Canfield

    Yay for bundle and save

  26. Richard Greene

    Excellent salmon portions


    First time customer

  28. Edgar MILLNER

    My first time ordering seafood online,but it’s from the right place. I was just down there last week and it was delicious so that’s why I’m ordering

  29. Billie Rasheed

    This will be my first time ordering

  30. Mary Littrell

    First time order

  31. Vicki Hess

    First time ordering

  32. janna krouse

    first time ordering

  33. Marilyn C Thompson

    I will like to order 10 pounds of fresh smelts

  34. Hal david Moeller

    good price for swordfish

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