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Electronic Gift Certificate

Not sure exactly what to get your friend or loved one? Not sure when they will be home to accept delivery? No problem, purchase one of these Electronic Gift Certificates and let your gift recipient handle the rest! Electronic Gift Certificate recipients can redeem their certificate at our online store. Just type in the amount of the gift certificate you want to purchase in the “purchase credit worth” field above and add to your cart. Please note, no plastic card will be mailed.

Also, please note that this process is designed to email the electronic certificate directly to the recipient (either you or someone else). If your certificate is intended as a gift for someone else, at checkout have the certificate emailed directly to the person who is to receive it. You can also schedule the coupon to be emailed to the recipient at a later date if you would like on the checkout page. At redemption, our system will need to authenticate the identity of the certificate user via email, using the email address of  the recipient you specify on the checkout page (again either yourself or the someone else). Said differently, if you have the certificate sent to you, and then give it to someone else, you will need to be involved in the redemption authentication, as the email will be sent to you. Avoid that hassle, by just having the certificate sent directly to the recipient either now, or at a later date, as specified on the checkout page.


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