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RVA Chef Owen Lane of The Magpie will be cooking at City Grit in New York City on April 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm. Sarah Simmons, founder and chef of City Grit, was recently named one of America’s Greatest New Cooks by Food and Wine Magazine. City Grit is known for hosting well-known and emerging guest chefs from around the world. It is truly an honor for Chef Lane to be selected. We couldn’t be happier for not only Owen, but his wife Tiffany, and the whole Magpie team.

Chef Lane recently gave us the good news that ANOC oysters would be featured in his amuse-bouche, and we’ve been doing the happy dance ever since. According to Chef Lane: “The salinity will work perfectly with Belle Isle Moonshine and charred pineapple.” Oysters and moonshine you ask? Yes, that sounds like a Southern dream my friends! While Owen is still tweaking the remainder of the menu, other items include locally grown goat from Autumn Olive Farm, rabbit from Jamerson Farm, and oyster mushrooms from Dave and Dee. Last we heard, NYC was salivating in anticipation.

Owen tells us he can’t wait to showcase Virginia farms and all that we have to offer. In a word, Chef Lane’s Magpie is an “incubator” ¬†for new, locally sourced ingredients. Owen wholeheartedly supports local farmers, and he’s often the first to embrace a new farm, brewery, or purveyor. In fact, The Magpie was the first restaurant in Richmond to list ANOC oysters on the menu as a regularly featured item. For that we will always be grateful.

Cheers to our friend, Chef Owen Lane! RVA stands proud to claim you as her own.

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