The Hild family finds itself today with the honor of being the current stewards of Anderson’s Neck. Their shared love of nature brought them to “The Neck” where they have taken on the incredible challenge to revive the estate as a functioning oyster farm.

Ashley Dyer

Some folks work part time gigs at the local coffee shop or waiting tables at a nearby restaurant. None of that would do for Ashley Dyer-ANOC’s Shuckstress Extraordinaire.

Ashley is all business at the shucking table, and you best not give her any sass. Known for her mad knife skills, Ashley is one tough, butt kickin’, kickboxin’, oyster shuckin’ lady! In fact, when at the the shucking table, she reminds us of Quentin Tarantino’s famous Showdown at the House of Falling Leaves in Kill Bill: Volume 1. While Ashley does have blond hair, we aren’t quite sure who she most resembles: Uma Thurman or Lucy Liu?

Give us a ring for a catered shucking event and you might just be lucky enough to witness this bad shuckstress in action!!!

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