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Anderson’s Neck Oyster Company is proud to bring premium, farm raised cocktail oysters back to the Upper York River of Virginia and introduce our first appellation—Eagle Flats.

Eagle Flats

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LOCATION: York River, King & Queen County, Shacklefords, VA
SALT RANGE: 16-21 ppt.
SPECIES: Crassostrea Virginica (Eastern Oyster)
GROW-OUT METHOD: Farm Raised Aquaculture

We ship only the freshest live oysters to our customers so they can enjoy the savory sweetness for themselves. Visit our Shop to see a full list of our oysters and the full range of seafood options available for sale online.

Nurtured on offshore tidal flats, these native East Coast oysters are enriched with the minerals of their natural habitat. With a fresh taste specific to the York River, Eagle Flats deliver a buttery balance between savory and sweet. Containing just the right amount of salinity to produce a crisp finish, the experience will transport you to an idyllic setting of coastal waters and majestic eagles soaring overhead.

Anderson’s Neck is ideally situated on the historical York River, an estuarine finger of the Chesapeake Bay famed for the vibrant freshness of its oysters.  Marinating in a rare blend of pristine Blue Ridge Mountain water and the high salinity of Atlantic seawater, these oysters orchestrate a harmony between flavor and texture. Crisp, plump and succulently sweet, they have satiated appetites for centuries.

100 Oysters: $99.95

A historical landmark, Anderson’s Neck was granted to Richard Anderson from King Charles II of England on March 18, 1662.  But long before the arrival of European settlers, the region’s abundance of oysters and other shellfish helped shape the authentic culture and livelihood of the Native Americans who called the land their home.   Both the colonists and their Native American predecessors marveled at the region’s crystalline waters, lush aquatic grasslands, and abundance of wildlife.

However, today, irresponsible harvesting methods have left Virginia oysters at less than 1% of their historical numbers, while human development continues to threaten their habitat.

In an attempt to preserve what once was, the Hild family acquired Anderson’s Neck with a mission of “Saving the Bay One Oyster at a Time.”  The solution lies in the oysters themselves –a keystone species capable of filtering 50 gallons of water per day.  Proponents of sustainable aquaculture, the Hild’s are determined to restore the estuarine habitat of the York River by placing oysters back in the water in order to resurrect the region’s historical semblance and natural beauty.