The York River is arguably the most historically significant location for early colonial history found anywhere in America. European and Native American civilizations collided here. This was the land of Powhatan, Opechanacanough, Pocahantas, and the legendary explorations of Captain John Smith. No wonder this area’s colonial land patents (King’s grant lands) were so highly sought after by the first families of Virginia for the their Colonial plantations. The Washington’s, Lee’s, Anderson’s, Roane’s, Tucker’s, and Taliaferro’s settled its shores. History lives and breathes here. It is woven into the fabric of the estuary and its surrounding lands.

2007 January 1st

Anderson’s Neck Loblolly Pine Plantation & The Great Rececession

Anderson’s Neck eventually fell into the hands of the Chesapeake Corporation and became a loblolly pine plantation for the nearby mill.  Over time it changed hands to John Hancock Insurance as part of their Timber Investment Management Operation.  The land was auctioned off when the timber plantation was ready to be thinned to a consortium of investors known as Lynchburg Land Investors.  The pine was partially cut and a massive half mile long walkway crossing the 100 acre plus salt marsh was installed providing convenient river access.

However, as the Great Recession set in, both land and timber values began to decline.  Lynchburg Land Investors found themselves the owners of a wonderful piece of historic property, but were unable to complete their intended goals for the land.

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