The York River is arguably the most historically significant location for early colonial history found anywhere in America. European and Native American civilizations collided here. This was the land of Powhatan, Opechanacanough, Pocahantas, and the legendary explorations of Captain John Smith. No wonder this area’s colonial land patents (King’s grant lands) were so highly sought after by the first families of Virginia for the their Colonial plantations. The Washington’s, Lee’s, Anderson’s, Roane’s, Tucker’s, and Taliaferro’s settled its shores. History lives and breathes here. It is woven into the fabric of the estuary and its surrounding lands.

2010 April 10th

Anderson’s Neck Reimagined

With clear cutting and development posing a real threat to the natural beauty of the land, the Hild family purchased Anderson’s Neck on April 10th, 2010.  Avid wildlife enthusiasts, the Hild’s have preserved the historic property and are using sustainable management practices for both the land and their oyster concern. Revitalization of the upper York River’s famous oyster beds is now officially underway.

Anderson’s Neck Oyster Company officially launched its presence on the web with the launch of its website on June 21st, 2012. The company has subsequently reintroduced its premium oysters, Eagle Flats, for sale once again. Eagle Flats are now delivered by refrigerated truck to Richmond, shipped direct to restaurants throughout the US and Canada, and sold online to ostreaphiles nationwide.

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