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Happy Shucker Gift Pack

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Make your loved one a happy shucker this year! The Happy Shucker Gift Pack includes 50 oysters plus all the tools needed to shuck in style: a proper shucking knife and shucking gloves (please make sure to pick your shucking glove size above). Oh yeah, and we’ll throw in two ANOC stickers so you can slap ’em on your ride!

Varietal: Eagle Flats
Location: York River, King & Queen County, Shacklefords, Virginia
Salt Range: 16-21 ppt.
Species: Crassostrea virginica (Eastern Oyster)
Grow-out Method: Farm Raised
Profile: Anderson’s Neck Oyster Company is proud to introduce its first premium appellation—Eagle Flats. Nurtured on offshore tidal flats, these native oysters are enriched with the minerals of their natural habitat. With a taste specific to the York River, Eagle Flats deliver a buttery balance between savory and sweet. Containing just the right amount of salinity to produce a crisp finish, the experience will transport you to an idyllic setting of coastal waters and majestic eagles soaring overhead.

Question: How much is shipping?

Our website will calculate shipping costs for your oyster order. Oyster shipping costs vary based upon what you are ordering and the day of the week you want the package delivered. Simply add the oyster item you want to your cart and go to the shopping cart page where there is a delivery date calendar. The calendar will list the shipping price for each available delivery date separately. Select any available date you’d like to have your oysters arrive.*

Question: I’d like to order now, but can I have my oysters arrive at a later date?

Yes, there is a delivery date calendar on our shopping cart page. Select any available date you’d like to have your oysters arrive! That means you can order now, but have your oysters arrive at a future date you select.*

Question: How should I store my oysters?

Our oysters are fresh from the bay and, if properly stored, will last up to 10 days. However, the sooner you eat your oysters, the better they will be. Once you receive your oysters, refrigerate immediately and cover with a damp cloth. Do not store in a plastic bag, sealed container, or directly on ice. Also, please do not eat any raw oysters that are open prior to shucking, as they are no longer alive.

*Please note, when you select a desired delivery date, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to ship your package for an earlier arrival date. Shipping packages to arrive on a precise delivery date when using third party shippers such as FedEx/UPS is an extremely difficult task over which we have very little control, especially given weather delays, and periods of high volume. We regularly monitor weather patterns, volume levels, and UPS/FedEx exception frequency. Given our best judgment, we may choose to ship your package early in order to lessen the chances that your package will arrive after your desired delivery date. If a package arrives at a different date than your desired delivery date, we will have no obligation for a full or partial refund of any kind.

2 reviews for Happy Shucker Gift Pack

  1. Michael

    Everything you need to shuck some oysters! Gave it as a gift to my brother and he had a blast shucking with his family!

  2. Todd Almond


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