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It’s hard to believe, but as of this month our little oyster farm has filtered 1 Billion Gallons of York River water! No that is not a typo.  That is a capital B, as in Billion.  And yes, we just used the B word.  Can I get a SHUCK YEAH!!!???

That’s 1 billion gallons of nutrient overloaded water that otherwise wouldn’t have been filtered if it wasn’t for our farm. This water would have found it’s way straight into the Chesapeake Bay. Highly nutrient laden water is problematic because it creates cloudy, oxygen deprived dead zones where fish and plants can’t live (read our Conservation page for more information). Our oysters feed on the excessive phytoplankton, thereby fostering a healthier Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

The more oysters we sell after they reach market size while filtering the water as they grow, the more oysters we can afford to buy from the hatchery to plant next year. The more oysters we put in the water, the more water we filter. The more water we filter, the cleaner the bay for all its wildlife and those who enjoy it.

Want to know how to help? Buy our oysters online, or visit one of the awesome restaurants that feature our oysters on the menu (such as The Magpie or Mezzanine). By buying our oysters, you are helping us Save The Bay One Oyster at a Time! We are making a real difference. Thank you for your support!