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I drive to what awaits me
Cold, water, wind, life
Leaving behind the trappings of another world
Nature, perhaps danger awaits
Shall it catch me today?

Shoving off, then pushing out
We reach the spot
I look, then linger
Overboard I go to do the work
It greets me like 1,000 needles

Hello friend, where have you been?
I’ve missed you
Did you think you could escape me?

Old friend, I come to work with your permission of course
The lunar cycle permits, your flats are narrowly exposed
A few anchors screwed into place, nothing more do I ask
Please let us be, so that we may complete the task
And we will be on our way

If I relent, will thee visit more often?
I think thee needs more reminding
Thy time is limited, one day the debt must be repaid

From thy bounty, I spread the word
Pay it forward, not pay it back
The story continues, the future bearers will return
And the cycle repeats
Hast thou forgotten?

Nay, except how sly thy tongue can be persuasive friend
Make haste, I will make no trouble today
But please return soon, progress need be made

Thank you comrade, we shall be quick
Next time I return, we bring the gift of babies
Your strength improves
The handshake remains
We are committed

Until next time, friend

Until next time.

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